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2–5 Main Square (Fő tér), 2000 Szentendre

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Currently closed.

+36 20 779 6657


Full-price: HUF 1400 Ft | 1700 Ft*
Reduced: 700 Ft | 800 Ft*

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Local History Exhibition Hall

Dear Visitors!

The The Past in the Deep – Mosaics from the History of Szentendre exhibition is currently closed due to technical reasons. Thank you for your understanding!

The exhibition that presents the history of the town opened in the Fall of 2015, in the building of the Ferenczy Museum Center on Main Square, the former Trading House, in the basement that is accessible from Vastagh György Street. The spectacular display called Past in the Deep – Mosaics from the History of Szentendre is a time travel through the rich past of the town, through archival material, documents, archaeological finds, images, objects of use, and ornaments, as well as smartly arranged interiors.

The different periods of the town are displayed in separate exhibits: the settlement, already inhabited in the prehistoric era, was first possessed by the Celts, then by the Romans, and it was an important defensive town along the limes. Szentendre’s first written report is also displayed. The exhibition offers an overview of the Settlement of Serbians, who brought along prosperity in trade and industry gearing up from the living conditions of the Middle Ages, the appearance of suburban railways, causing the dynamic development that came with modernity. The time travel closes with the Kádár era, a period of cultural upswing in the 20th century, when the “town of museums” emerged.

In addition to the documents, images, archaeological finds, objects and photos, which were all found in Szentendre or are related to the town, visitors can also access interactive means here to learn about local history of industry and commerce in the town, the distinctive agricultural methods, the most important local professions, and the best-known families of Szentendre.

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